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Michael Sides - Camera_Editing_PRODUCtion

I am a professional filmmaker, editor and camera operator based in Bristol, UK.
My background has included a wide range of productions; from documentary to drama, corporate and commercial work to festivals, music, theater and arts.

I most often work as a self-directing filmmaker and am intimately familiar with all stages of the creative process.
I love seeing a project come to life whilst taking it from inception through production to final delivery. I believe it is important to work with clients throughout this process to fully realise a bespoke and meaningful vision. Whether planning it out on paper, working with light and lenses or finding the colour and shape in an edit suite I always find it fascinating and enjoyable.

The other side of my career is working on set where I often find myself in either the camera or electrical department and being part of a dedicated team working professionally to achieve a singular result is always an exciting and inspiring experience.

Michael has created work for Bristol Old Vic, HFMA, The Wellcome Trust, The British Paraorchestra, Mayfest, Arcadia, Branston, UWE, Boomtown Festival, Dr. Meaker, Lowkey, M Shed, Arnolfini, RWA, Glastonbury Festival, Arcadia, Invisible Circus and many more artists, musicians, commercial organisations and production companies; as well as having worked on a number BAFTA Nominated and Award Winning independent shorts and features.

Whether you are looking for a crew member, have a project ready to go or want to talk over a potential idea, send us a message below:

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Michael Sides
Tel: (+44)07800605848

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